enRiskS does not undertake toxicity testing. However, we regularly review toxicity tests and studies for the purpose of determining the reliability of such studies/data and whether such data are sufficiently current and robust to be considered in the quantification of hazards/effects during a risk assessment.

Up to date knowledge of the scientific literature, including any changes in Australian or international regulations that utilise or rely on such assessments, is also necessary.

enRiskS completed toxicological reviews as part of the derivation of the Australian health investigation levels (HILs). enRiskS has also:

  • conducted detailed reviews of human health and environmental toxicity information relevant to the use of a range of industrial chemicals, chemicals present in waste streams and pesticides
  • been involved in the critical or systematic review of toxicological studies for key chemicals such as trichloroethene and per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)

been involved in systematic reviews of epidemiological studies relevant to the assessment of key issues such as air quality and noise.

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