Dr. Jackie Wright is an adjunct researcher with Flinders University, where she continues to undertake research into the public health impacts of the use of illicit drugs in society. This includes understanding the nature of drug exposures, locations where exposure can occur, the pathways of exposure as well as the potential for adverse health effects.

The team at Flinders University is undertaking a range of ongoing projects to better inform the science in relation to such exposures with the aim of better informing public health policy. Much of the research undertaken relates to third-hand exposures to methamphetamine drug residues from manufacture and/or use. However, works is also undertaken in relation to second-hand exposures, environmental exposures to other illicit drugs, precursors and waste products, specific exposures by children and remediation methods.

Dr Jackie Wright also provides independent advice to address specific issues/case studies.

Neither enRiskS nor Dr Jackie Wright conducts any commercial testing or remediation works.

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