Dr Jackie Wright

Director / Principal

Jackie Wright is the Director/Principal of Environmental Risk Sciences Pty Ltd. She has over 19 years experience in human health and environmental risk assessment in Australia. Experience includes leading and developing a national risk practice group for a major consultancy, training of staff, providing technical (and toxicological) direction, developing internal technical standards, participating in the development on industry guidance and standards, developing appropriate risk models and providing peer-review.

Areas of expertise include toxicological review and evaluation of chemicals in line with Australian regulatory requirements, human health and environmental risk assessment, exposure modelling, indoor air quality assessment, fate and transport assessment, environmental chemistry, environmental monitoring, and the assessment of air emissions and air toxics. She has experience in a wide range of risk assessments on over 100 sites that involve the evaluation of emissions to air, waste sites, residential and recreation areas, operating industrial plants as well as other industrial plants that have been closed and are in the process of property sales or redevelopment. In addition, she has extensive experience in the assessment of vapour migration and intrusion, detailed evaluation of exposure by occupational, residential and recreational groups including the application of probability distributions to human health risk assessment. Jackie also been involved in a number of key projects that require regular risk communication with interest groups, including resident action groups.

Contact Jackie Wright on 0425 206 295 or at Jackie@enrisks.com.au, Jackie is also on LinkedIn