Jack Dempsey


Jack Dempsey has 20 years’ experience as a scientific researcher in genetics including human mutagenesis, and almost 20 years’ experience in chemical regulation and environmental health in government departments. Jack’s experience includes the conduct, peer review and quality assurance of toxicological assessments of industrial and pesticide-related chemicals. Jack was the Commonwealth Health representative on the working groups reviewing and revising the contaminated sites NEPM and was the project manager for the development of the revised NEPM Health standards including the sections dealing with asbestos, as well as the development of the enHealth risk communication publication dealing with asbestos. Areas of expertise include: the conduct of human health risk assessments suitable for the Australian regulatory environment for pesticides and industrial chemicals including human exposure modelling; environmental health risk assessment; international chemical regulation; new initiatives in risk assessment internationally – including working with the WHO and OECD.

Contact Jack Demspey on 0405 771 710 or at jack@enrisks.com.au.