Dr Adam Capon

Adam Capon is an expert in public health with over 14 years’ experience in environmental health risk assessment and management, gained working for an Australian government health department. Adam’s expertise involves the critical appraise health risks, including health risks from air, water and noise pollution, and to assess and provide expert advice on potential health risks from contamination events, arboviral and tick exposures. He has provided advice to government on the risks that may arise from applications in a wide variety of planning development scenarios, including tunnels, airports, coal mining, coal seam gas, contaminated sites, wind farms and other significant developments.
Adam has undertaken detailed analysis of complex issues leading to the development of peer reviewed papers, government reports, strategic papers, detailed submissions, ministerials and government briefings. He has been involved in all aspects of environmental health policy including planning, research, development, coordination, facilitation, implementation and evaluation. He regularly engages stakeholders in industry, community and government agencies.

Adam’s expertise includes the following:
• Human health risk review and assessment
• Epidemiological review
• Toxicological review
• Exposure assessment
• Risk communication

Contact Adam Capon on 0459 022 652 or at adam@enrisks.com.au.