Coal Seam Gas

The extraction of methane from coal seams has become a new source of natural gas in recent times. The potential for environmental or health effects from the extraction of coal seam gas (as it is termed) is widely debated. EnRiskS has been working in this space for a number of years and undertaken detailed reviews of the literature.

Using the information and understanding from these literature reviews, enRiskS has provided assessment of the potential for health or environmental effects for a number of projects. A health impact assessment was undertaken for the Northern Expansion of the AGL Camden project. This assessment looked at the potential for health effects from many aspects of the project including changes in air quality, changes in groundwater or surface water quality and quantity, noise, vibration, subsidence, chemicals used in drilling, chemicals in water extracted from the coal seam and management of chemicals at the surface. Some aspects of this assessment were specific to this project but many are common to most coal seam gas projects. The Environmental Health Impact Assessment can be viewed at AGL’s Site for Camden Documents:
Environmental Health Impact Assessment – Camden Northern Expansion Project

enRiskS has also provided detailed review of the potential for health effects from flowback water from the AGL Waukivory Project near Gloucester in NSW. A number of naturally occurring volatile chemicals were extracted from the coal seam in flowback water in the pilot stage of this project. enRiskS undertook modelling to estimate the potential for volatilisation of these chemicals from the aboveground water storage areas to determine potential exposures of people living and working in the vicinity. A report detailing this assessment was provided to the regulators and can be found on the Resources & Energy Website under the Gloucester Basin and PEL 285 section: Gloucester Basin and PEL 285
A direct link to our report is here: Human Health and Environmental Exposures from Flowback Water