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Jackie Wright is conducting research, as a followup to her PhD at Flinders University, in relation to exposures at clandestine drug laboratories. For information on the research work being conducted please contact Jackie Wright on 0425 206 295, or

Thesis : Exposure and Risk Associated with Clandestine Amphetamine-Type Stimulant Drug Laboratories

Links and Reference Documents
Jackie Wright, through Environmental Risk Sciences, has contributed to the development of the Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines released in 2011. The document provides guidance on the assessment and remediation of former clandestine drug laboratories. The key contribution to the guidance was the development of Investigation Levels (ILs, summarised in Appendix 1 of the guidelines) for the assessment of these sites.

The guidelines were developed to provide criteria relevant to the protection of human health and the environment for key chemicals that may be present in a former clandestine drug laboratory as indoor surface residues, indoor air contamination and outdoor soil contamination. Human health criteria were established for low-density residential, recreational and commercial/industrial land-use scenarios consistent with land-use scenarios addressed in other health investigation levels (HILs) published in Australia (National Environment Protection Measures, NEPM, available from

Guidelines for Environment Investigations, Remediation and Validation of former Clandestine Drug Laboratory Sites are available from: